Store Re-Opening and Continuity Strategy

In today’s new world, mitigating and managing your business risks will be an ongoing prioritization process. Wirkn is here to help and support you in staffing your store for re-opening.

The range of challenges facing business operations today is unprecedented. Continuing to ensure the well-being of both employees and consumers is no small task. As you prepare to resume or rescale operations, mass hiring and re-staffing risks becoming a bottleneck that impedes and slows down your plans. While the hope persists that you will be able to re-hire former staff or draw from a vast available workforce, the reality is that many employees will be unable or unwilling to come back to work. Wirkn can help you find, screen, interview, hire, and onboard quality employees. Whatever the challenges you face going forward, our platform will help you and your employees live their best life.

Our Strategy

We propose to support you by instituting a strategy to:

  • Scale up operations, Demonstrate continuity planning for rapid re-Openings
  • Create local and available candidate pools.
  • Understand staffing – rehire implications.

Working with / and for you, who are prioritizing:

  • Maintaining Dialog with Tenants.
  • Instituting Strategic Continuity Planning
  • Evaluating Distanced Based Solutions.

Wirkn Solution

We’re here to assist in the digital transformation of your business by integrating new digital tools and technology in your hiring process, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. As part of our solution, we offer Social Distancing Solutions, including Video-based Tools for reviewing profiles and interviewing candidates.

Building Blocks

Wirkn offers guidance through our full 360 process and journey, including:


  • Active engagement and connection with each stakeholder segment.
  • Offer clear channels for both property and corporate via our tenant portal and formal communication channel.
  • Ensure an immediate access to a pool of quality candidates.

Wirkn with Malls and Stores

  • Virtual activation, onboarding and training (push/pull notifications/approach to claiming accounts).
  • Support and help with candidate-focused banners, landing pages, and other digital collateral.
  • Data Insight.
  • Advanced monetization of candidate pool by REIT.

Wirkn with Hiring Manager

  • Video Introduction to your Brand/Store/Retail Space.
  • Support Managers with a high volume of candidates and applicants.
  • Video interviewing

Wirkn for Candidates

  • Profile & Video completion for pre-screening
  • Video interviewing / scheduling
  • Access to Full Engagement Lifecycle

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