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90% of US teens use chat to communicate

Chat Platforms like Kik and Facebook Messenger give brands access to more than 1.5 billion users, many of whom are just now entering the workforce. Using natural language and a familiar chat platform, the Wirkn Jobs Chatbot helps recruiters, brands, malls, and event venues connect and engage with Millennials and GenZs on a meaningful topic: careers and shift-based work.
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Chat users spend 70+ minutes/day on chat

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Chat users open their messaging app 9X per day (vs 1.6x/day for top apps)

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Chat codes are location aware and link directly to jobs within a specific store or mall

Discover jobs & apply in seconds

Potential candidates can scan a job code or have Wirkn suggest opportunities within a local area. Using light conversational text, the Wirkn Jobs Chatbot asks questions and quickly develops an understanding of a user’s interests. Something catch your eye? Once a user sees a job they like, applying takes seconds.

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Build a more qualified talent pool

Backend AI enables the Wirkn Jobs Chatbot to quickly identify and suggest local brands and positions that are within a user's area of interests.

As the bot interacts and progressively learns more about each user, it presents more specific opportunities, thus delivering a more qualified candidate pool to you.

The Wirkn Chat Engine - a powerful new way to connect on any platform

At the core of the experience is the powerful Wirkn Chat Engine which uses artificial intelligence to deliver a more personalized user experience. The Wirkn Chat Engine is able to learn and customize its conversation to the user’s goals, personality, location, and work history. In addition, users can move freely throughout all of the Wirkn platforms, regardless of whether they are interacting with Wirkn on the web, in-mall kiosks, the iOS app, or chat.

Efficiently reach and screen a large volume of applicants

Hiring for seasonal peaks, new store openings, or launching a new mall? The Wirkn Jobs Chatbot can scale your hiring efforts by helping you reach thousands of potential applicants while simultaneously filtering candidates through its backend AI engine, questions and profiling. Hiring managers can further sort, screen and access the pre-qualified applicant profiles & videos through the Wirkn Manager Dashboard.

Leverage physical locations to initiate an experience

Generate goodwill and brand awareness by promoting your recruitment efforts on physical signage and window displays. Chat codes can be quickly scanned by users, taking them directly to a mall’s branded experience, your brand page or job posting and launching a chat session.

Turn job candidates into brand ambassadors

While many apply only a few are actually hired. But don’t lose touch with your applicants! They have expressed an interest in your brand and while they may not become employees, they are potentially great brand ambassadors and customers. The Wirkn platform can help you continue to engage, reward, and convert them into life-long advocates. In addition, you now have access to an engaged, ready to work talent pool that you can tap into at any time.

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