When your mall attracts the best employees, you and your tenants win.

Wirkn is the new way to find, screen and hire great staff.

Just some of the malls and retailers recruiting with Wirkn

Recruiting and hiring employees is a major challenge for retailers.

Turn your mall into a dynamic employment marketplace that attracts the best talent.
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Increase sales

Great employees deliver exceptional customer experiences and generate recurring revenue for your mall.

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Drive foot-traffic

The Wirkn marketplace promotes your mall and builds ongoing relationships with teens and millennials.

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Loved by Tenants

Adds value to your tenants business by helping them solve recruiting challenges and save time.


Attract millennials and teens to your mall

Wirkn’s fun-to use mobile app, chat, and web platform capture millennials and teens right where they are - on their mobile phones. One-click apply, video, and job discovery keep them coming back!

Beautiful brand pages highlight tenants, creating a dynamic jobs marketplace

With Wirkn, applicants shop for a job just like they would a pair of shoes. Use rewards and promotions to build relationships, both online and in-store.

Video applications cut recruitment time in half

Wirkn’s 30-second video cover letters help managers pre-screen candidates by bringing resumes to life and showcasing personality and brand fit upfront.

Ready to take your mall's recruitment to the next level?

Wirkn can help.